3rd Party Logistics

3PL Approach

Third Party Logistics (3PL) is the function by which the owner of goods (The Client Company) outsources various elements of the supply chain to one 3PL company that can perform the management function of the clients inbound freight, customs, warehousing, order fulfilment, distribution, and outbound freight to the clients customers.

3rd Party Logistics takes full responsibility for all transportation services to do much better. These transportation-oriented 3PLs can leverage the volume and freight flows of multiple customers to obtain better rates than any one customer could negotiate. A good portion of these savings goes to the 3PL’s bottom line. These profitable companies control the transportation spend.

The economic advantages 

• Elimination of infrastructure investments (No need to invest in land for warehouse, storage system & facilities, material handling system & to train the man power for warehouse management). We are here to take care of all these at very reasonable cost

• Access to world-class processes, services or technologies in logistics Management
• Flexibility & ability to react quickly to changes in business environments ( It helps our customers in implementing Lean manufacturing )
• Risk sharing
• Better cash-flow
• Reduction of operating costs

Why Us?

At present, our vast knowledge of the industry and experienced team has helped us to provide end to end solutions to various sectors such as automobile, telecom, textile, chemicals, retail, FMCG etc.

Further,  Our organization is well known in National Capital Region, Haryana, Punjab J & K & Himachal Pradesh and is having best parcel service to NCR from Chandigarh, Punjab H.P. Haryana & J K & vice versa .  Our aim has always been to be reliable, deliver on time and qualitative towards the clients for which we have invested on processes, technology, people, warehousing facilities, various types of trucks etc. This helps us in maintaining superior quality standards for the offered services and good relations with our honorable customers.

We look forward towards our customers for these valuable opportunities to serve them.  Webelieve in whatever you ask, we shall do it. We’re here to get that best output in above area at very reasonable cost to meet anyone’s budget. We have been serving for the last two decades and we are committed to provide you first class service at all times.   Please contact us directly to structure a program that best meet your needs.