Vinod Kaushik

Vinod Kaushik, Director

‘We cater to every need in
transportation and thrive to be
among the best in the industry”

About the Director

Walking in his father’s footsteps, Mr. Vinod Kaushik took the first step in the field of transportation and logistics in the year 1992 by opening a transport company with the name of Unique Carriers Pvt. Limited soon after his graduation. Since then his main aim is to provide the best services to his clients. With the policy of “Whatever you ask, we shall do it”, he makes sure that his clients get the services they have asked for. With special emphasis on Time, Cost and Reliability, he believes in complete satisfaction of the clients.
A dynamic individual himself, he keeps his team motivated and energetic all the time for high rates of productivity. He’s a man on a mission to guide his team through every difficulty and task to get the desired output.A highly spirited individual, he makes sure that his team is always at the peak rate of efficiency.
Working in this field for more than 20 years has gained him a lot of experience in tackling each and every situation very smoothly resulting in high satisfaction rates from the clients. Leading an organisation with 6 offices and many franchisees, he has shown his directorial skills in guiding all his employees through every situation. With total devotion towards his work has brought the organisation to a place from where it cannot be moved easily.

Message from the Director

Unique Carriers Pvt. Ltd. is a one-window logistics solution provider, whose vision is to be the most preferred and competitive logistics solution provider to its clients.First and foremost I would like to thank all our customers, business associates and nationwide partners for giving us opportunities to strengthen our market positioning nationwide.
We come to work each day for one reason: to make things work for you – not merely on paper, not just conceptually, but practically on the ground. This is our promise. It’s a big challenge in an unpredictable world. The commitment of our people and the strength of our service network stand behind that promise.
We are committed to bring superiority to the local and regional logistics industry and supply chain management, versatility in logistics and supply chain services, and adaptability and sustainability to professional staff to enable the business community to stay agile in the Web-enabled, efficiency-driven, and highly competitive business world.
My personal commitment is to continuously improve and provide customer-oriented, high-quality services and processes which will help us and you to be successful together. We want you to know that whenever we work for you, we work harder on every case to offer optimal, customized logistics solutions; this is guided by pioneering spirit and innovativeness, and with sustainability in our mind.
I am confident that our experienced staff can assist you by providing you with best value-added services to save time and on cost deduction.