Transportation management

Transportation management

Our transportation services majorly is divided into :


The retail segment consists majorly of our customers who want their goods delivered from one place to another. The customers can come to any of our branches or franchisees and get their goods delivered. We also have installed GPS in all our vehicles to monitor the movement of goods efficiently. The customers can also track their goods through our website. Some of the features are: Safe & secure door to door delivery, Daily parcel service, Availability of various types of trucks, Direct delivery, Rush Services, Economy package delivery, After Hours Pick Ups, Weekend Services etc.

Full Truck:

We cater to all kinds of full truckload requirements of our clients wherein they can contract an entire truck load to a single and corporate customer. The cargo usually remains on a single vehicle from the point of origin to the destination. The customers can choose from a variety of commercial vehicles from small to large from our fleet and also our franchisers. The customers can track their goods from our effective GR system on the website. UCPL’s Full Truck Load dedicated transport branches are strategically located and equipped with a team of professionals who will support your business requirements.

In transport by full trucks, truckers generally follow established routes to reach their destinations, so as to rely on roads which are dependable and which have support services like weigh stations and fuel facilities. Unique Carriers are one of those proficient full truck transportations providers who ensure extremely outstanding full trucks transport services in India.

Facilities :

  •  Safe & secured door to door delivery

  • Daily parcel service

  •  Availability of various types of trucks

  •  Milk run

  •  Direct  delivery

  •  Rush Services

  •  Regular shipping Services

  •  Economy package delivery

  •  After Hours Pick Ups

  • Weekend Services etc.