Warehouse Management & Crates/Bins


Facilities :

  • Receipt(Inbound and Outbound)

  •  Issue

  •  Storage

  •  Stock Accounting

  •  Picking

  •  Packing

  • Distribution

  •  Feeding to assembly line and

  •  Inventory control etc.


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We always look forward to provide innovative solutions to help our customers reduce cost and develop an agile supply chain. We have developed sustainable cost effective sharing solutions for providing customized crates and bins to create value for your business. This service will help you to focus on your core competencies and above can be outsourced to reduce handling and time, enabling direct delivery on line. This system ensures quality improvements by avoiding breakage/ damage to components. It shall contribute in improving productivity, thus improving the bottom line.

  • We help customers to store and distribute their goods efficiently and economically to reduce supply chain costs.

  • We optimize the resources by pooling equipment and shared use of standardized crates and bins for different customers.

  • You pay for only what you use and when you use.

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Pooling and sharing concept:

  • We invest in bins suitable to our customer’s requirements, pick the empty containers for cleaning and quality inspection and keep them ready for use. The same is delivered to the suppliers as per their needs.

  • This system creates value for our suppliers in following ways:

    • Reduce supply chain costs and avoid capital investment

    • Reduce lead time by avoiding unpacking, counting process and delivery on line

    • High quality of reusable crates/bins

    • Container loss minimization, reduce cardboard packing, thus 0% rejection.

    • We provide you with standardized crates(outside) and inside customized as per components

    • Enhance productivity as you can focus on core competencies

    • Contribution to maintain GREEN environment, thus serving the society.

    • The supplier packs the Bins/Crates with components and delivers to us.

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